As part of our research and editorial assistance, we are sometimes able to provide qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis of large bodies of text on specific topics in a variety of fields—including anthropology, business, criminology, information systems, political science, sociology, and others.

We work primarily with ATLAS.ti, NVivo, and other cognates for coding and other semantic operations across documents and other media. This work is especially useful for researchers who wish to investigate certain frequencies in terms, concepts, and ideas through word clouds, iteration or frequency tables, and other semantic tools. In the course of this analysis, we are also happy to assist with the storing, organizing, categorizing, annotating, and visualizing of the qualitative and mixed-methods data we uncover. In certain scenarios, that is to say, wherever our research expertise allows, we are also able to offer judgment on the statistical weightiness of the data.

As with our editorial work—indeed, as a point of emphasis—the work we do for fellow academics within the remit of qualitative data analysis is strictly compliant with standing codes of academic conduct. This proviso, of course, does not apply to non-academic and/or corporate clients.


If you wish to enquire about our qualitative data analysis work, please write to us at data@editing.press. We will endeavour to reply within the hour during business hours, Eastern Standard Time.